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May Rong family of nomads, likes nomadic, although gradually settle back, but not like China and Huan country toward high-rise building more tile roofs, awnings and still felt Tsuchiya based. Even the largest of its eastern House – Kashgar prefecture, is still mostly felt off and Tsuchiya, the walls are only a short man with high walls, only outside the walls of trenches dug deeper wider, four gates erected Woodbridge, for troops out.

The first snow of the annual month-jung people regard as a symbol of good luck, every snow, the General Assembly will hold a grand bonfire in the holy cloud sandalwood trees, dancing and singing, to pray for snow mountain Ah-bearing god bless the coming year Mizuki lush moon Charon , a flourishing population, livestock peace.

Jung Hwan months worked with the country fifteen years ago had a battle, which is when Huan Yi King Ping army troops, and led the cavalry is Saros month Rong Wang.

Saros Nai Rong month Adi Khan aspect Rong prairie more than twenty months, temperament cunning as foxes, fierce as wolves, twenty thousand cavalry led up to the month-jung prairie wind, invincible.

King Ping and Wang Yi Saros year war, killing rivers of blood, with the final number of advantages King Ping Yi will Saros Shule the king of fierce government, Lu Kun Fu and Yan Ran Road area. May Rong Khan had an emergency on a table, the country vassal tribute to Huan, Huan Army suffered heavy casualties, Huan Huang announced interest homeopathic war, no war between the two countries since then.

For many years without war, Jung Hwan country and folk commerce between May continued, Kashgar Prefecture is located in the border between the two countries, the two businessmen naturally become the focus on goods traded places.

Huan people customs, just twenty-five men over the beard, dressed a little overwhelmed by Owen King Lun, paste beard, wearing a hat, and Yi Han, Ming Fei Fei and a dozen wolves dressed as Huan Wei sell copper country ‘s businessmen, arrived at dusk Kashgar Prefecture.

At this point people Allure Shule government dispatched the crowd with the crowd the line, to the Kashgar prefecture outside the West grassy meadow. Sandalwood trees towering clouds, shiny red half bonfire night sky.

Jung is a good month to sing the national and folk an outgoing, free-spirited. At this crescent cheerful and playing the piano, dressed young men and women are the opposite in the cloud sandalwood trees and singing. Young girls in singing questions, the young man ang bright and answer. Girl ask some questions of love and wealth, and respecting and caring for the young family like about the, faster and better if the guy in the song repartee, girl hearts satisfied, he will be thrown to the cloud sandalwood trees. Two quietly left the crowd, enhance understanding, laid down marriage, next spring planted cloud sandalwood trees, you can hold a wedding, a formal marriage.

Since Shule country house near Huan, and many businessmen between the two countries has China Huan, the Central Plains residents say more than words, but men and women antiphonal singing, it is used monthly Rong words. Yuwen Rong Jing Lun language learned a period of months, it would not hear the effort, he held hands stand beside the stalls, looking warm and imaginative, dressed young men and women and months Rong family song, feels interesting.

Ming Fei then carefully look around, the bronze look from time to time to talk with people who took the opportunity to spy on, flies while, at Yuwen King Lun intrinsic whispered: “The Tainan in Shule touches to a number of cavalry, but not Saros to determine whether the king here. ”

Yuwen Yun Tan Jing Lun looked at the crowd singing and dancing under the tree, pretending to enjoy the look, smiled and nodded his head, and whispered: “find ways to ask the city’s food situation, Saros Ruo that forage will be consumed very big. ”

Ming Fei smiled and turned his head away, continue to buy bronze people laugh conversation. Easy cold hand rope sleeve, slightly squint, seemingly quiet, but nerves taut body, ready to patrol Owen King Lun out of the woods.

At this point in the cloud hanging crescent sandalwood trees, covered with snow on the meadow, bonfire, better dance noisy, crowded. Hua Huan businessmen of the two countries to take the opportunity to gracefully stalls selling goods, the atmosphere is very warm.

Owen King Lun Wah from invading the DPRK to return north after the defeat of the Blackwater River, then west soldiers made months Rong Rong has been a cavalry hurried, busy with the war. At this moment, standing on this piece of land to be conquered, Seeing people live and work, laughter scene, strained nerves for months slowly relax. His hands held behind his back, but also with a very cheerful crescent rhythmic piano, fingers slightly percussion.

Youyuanerjin laughing noises, a group of young girls hugged a purple sandalwood tree from the cloud over the direction. Purple girl Xuefu bright eyes, the traditional month Rong costumes, surrounded by cheerful young man in walking, silvery laughter issued from time to time.

Before Owen King Lun through one line placed under the stalls, purple girl suddenly stopped, surrounded hugged her people would have stood up in front of stalls.

Purple girl wavefront flow, suddenly hold up a bronze coins stored on pots stalls. She and the rhythm of the music, at the bottom of Tongpen cheerful pounding, sings:

“Snow her wise eyes of God

She brought us light and hope

Let me ask God snow

Clever lads

What will you use

To be filled with it? ”

Her singing mildly bright, over and over Utah at the bottom Tongpen rhythmically pounding, people know she Examination partner, they are five or six young guy that look.

Young guy who looked at each other, one person will be rushing sings:

“Snow God she has broad-mindedness

She brought us untold wealth

Beautiful girl ah

I will use the world’s most precious jewels

It is to be filled

On the front of your tent. ”

Purple girl Minzui shook his head studio beats and all the guy they are deep in thought.

Owen King Lun with interest at this scene, his hands are slowly encircling the chest beats solo hd.

This time around the stalls before more and more people, the crowd rushes out with the idea for the boys, and some guy answer is cattle land, and some guy answer the beautiful flowers, and some guy is the answer unchanging love life, but Ziyi girls are smiling, shaking his head.

Burgeoning music, bonfire more brilliant, easy cold looking sight, twenty years ago lantern double water bridge vaguely flash. Ming-Ming fly him to look around for what seems to have remembered, and looked very gentle. Easy chilling in a warm, beloved daughter is finally able to entrust themselves what can be done to end the double water bridge that is like a gentle woman, and finally worthy of the initial share of the heart, in this life, no regrets beats by dr.

Seeing only the last of a handsome young man never fluent, the color purple girl face hidden with disappointment monster beats.

Owen King Lun expect an answer in mind, but since he is not fluent in the song, saw that the name of the young man was still in thought, he secretly pop up a stone, the young man looked up to the side of the opinion. Owen King Lun while others do not pay attention, gently shook hands.

The eyes of a bright young man, smiled, held hands in front, and the rhythm of the music hard to shoot a few.

All eyes are looked upon him, and he sounded clear and warm voice:

“Snow God have mercy of her heart

She bless us peace and happiness

She taught us to be diligent and kind

Beautiful girl ah

I will use my hands and labor dr dre detox

It will be filled with sweat

To bring you a lifetime of happiness! ”

Gradually turn a brilliant purple girl smile, she removed the cloud sandalwood trees from the waist bag, throw handsome guy. Crowd of people have applauded.

Noisy, the handsome guy gently nodded thanks to Owen King Lun, pull on the purple girl’s hand and walked to the bonfire at the sound of a blessing.

Owen King Lun early May Rong heard folk open Shouli young men and women are not bound by law, regarding love warm and imaginative, but they did not expect a song for life, they go hand in front of everyone calm. He looked toward the bonfire on which lovers, mouth tempting to smile.

At this time, next to someone laughed: “monster beats studio Or are we silent guard son of promise, to answer so well!”

Owen King Lun a cold heart, which I discovered this handsome guy Kashgar Prefecture have been silent still nursing son. He was wondering how to take advantage of the silent son to gather military intelligence, the crowd suddenly burst into thunderous cheers.

The open space in front of the cloud sandalwood tree, dozens of people holding brushwood erected overhead, then topped spirits, an old man singing “Snow Gods Memorial Ceremony Song,” throw the torch overhead.

Flame spray on the air, people have to this huge bonfire surrounded. Owen King Lun crowd hugged his party was also pushed to the front of the fire.

Crescent strings “Cha Cha” and dial, drum “pound” and rang. Under the moonlight, the number of people lead dancer, thousands of people around the campfire, Tage and dance. A little while, the crowd also issued “A tut, tut Ah” sound, pull-step help shoulder, lined circle around the fire, shuttle, a flame of passion into this dance for all the joy.

Owen King Lun inconvenience dramatically out of the crowd, with cheerful songs, melodies and moving, warm atmosphere, he also tempting to move with the crowd two feet. Yi Wei Han and Airwolf are busy pretending like riding dance, seamlessly surrounded at his side.

Owen King Lun forehead sadly, dr dre headphones Wei Tan: “If Prince ascended the throne, behind his support of the ministries will take the opportunity to grow in nobility, Prince hijack their long-standing, self-will give them to the separation of powers was further weakened when the imperial power, the ministries will be in order. pasture territory fought over the chaos of the first swallow, I’m afraid it will happen again. hwan but when suffering people of the country absolutely. ”

Owen King Lun does not talk, Tengrui added: “Moreover, these aristocrats only knew of the tribes compete for profit, for the emperor and princes of Chinese reform and a lot of dissatisfaction, if let them in power, the emperor of a painstaking efforts, the princes of some ambition, I am afraid that will go to waste. Right now, as long as we rushed jung won the month, and the casualties to a minimum, you can control the western powers, when your PC is a matter of course, to regain power, dominate the northern, you — ”

Owen King Lun waved, said: “I know, sir, is the King Lun soft-hearted moment.”

滕瑞 Gongyao said:. “Please believe 滕瑞 Royal Highness, I have drawn up campaign strategy, as long as the Raiders won the Saros king must be a minimum of casualties rein month January Rong Rong Royal Highness pity if the people, the future is multi-beat by dr dre. ”

That flaming heart shadow passing, Owen King Lun resolutely decision, said: “Good!, According to Mr. arrange everything.”

Paused, he said: “This war is to win the king to Saros, the Yu Yuerong ministries, especially the Ministry of the south wind seok, the first not to touch them!”

Huan Jing three days of November, the sixth day and night.

Huan Xuan Wang Rong month rate army raid in military adviser 滕瑞 furnished one million government attack Lu Kun, one thousand attack Yan Ran Road, five thousand cavalry soldiers distributed in 阿布利 Arrow Canyon, positive Airwolf camps and places Pioneer Camp thirty thousand cavalry lightning raid, straight from the king of Kashgar Prefecture Saros camp.

These three people are hwan military’s most elite cavalry, snowy night as lightning Rumbler at midnight surrounded Kashgar Prefecture Akbar Qin camp. Rocket Camp will burn ablaze, Huan flowing red riding cavalry, soldiers Saros numerous casualties.

Saros king awakened from a dream, led his troops to fight in haste, helpless position has been chaotic, nearly twenty thousand elite troops were Huan cut off hundreds of branch units, Saros dr dre beats army suffered as sheep wolf, Qin big bloody Ake camp.

Saros King Lun Wang Yuwen sounding was knifed in his left leg, had to blaze a new trail in the arch of thousands dead guard protection, southwest flee.

Barry no time to Abu Li Canyon. The rate of five thousand Huan Yi Han army arrows rain, Shasheng shock Yukino. “Red Snow” brave horse, though, can not escape the Savior. Saros king swear not fall, fight to the last moment, the final exhaustive, died Yi Han sword. But his death still remain Yukino prop knife, the towering does not fall, but eyes wide open, like in overlooking the south.

After winning three Shule hwan military government, Lu Kun Fu, Yan Ran said, soldiers do not Resurrection, saddle horse does not fall all the way to the west, such as prairie fire that swept most of the territory Rong month, and on November 10, May 25, surrounded by Jung king — Ash City.

Owen King Lun mining 纳滕瑞 words, in order to reduce civilian casualties, do not initiate siege warfare, but surrounded by the city of Asheville, cutting off their water, and continue to send people to the city under propaganda, capitulate month Rong Khan.

Khan and Wang Rong month Saros affectionate brother, the king died after he was seriously ill Saros, Asheville City force is not strong, sent a letter to request the ministries rush to the rescue soldiers beheaded in full, but still does not surrender month Rong Khan .

Bing Wei after seven days without food in town people without water, heavy casualties. Just when Owen King Lun hesitant to launch a siege warfare, the night of November 23, the monthly rate of three thousand guards attack Rong Khan out of the city, while Ashe city ablaze.

May Rong Huan Khan led his troops toward the military, all of them brave no when, defended not afraid of dying, Huan military formations scattered moment, and then out on the town Qian Qi, escape from encirclement gap buildings speed.

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Among the crowd dancing, silent son and purple girl to dance in front of Owen King Lun. Mo smiled to son Owen King Lun, attached ear purple girl said something. Bright eyes shimmering purple girl, looking at Yuwen King Lun who stay for a while, then smiled and dance with silent son go through monster beats.

When a warm atmosphere to the apex, cloud sandalwood tree suddenly flood the direction of the crowd to dr dre detox separate the two sides, there is a brief pause music.

Owen King Lun dance step between being easy to speak with side head cold, felt some strange, he turned his head.

Many years later, the towering palace to Beijing Huan Wei Di, still clearly remember this moment he turned to go.

At first, he thought it was a mass of flames jumping, to be cheerful warm crescent piano again, and he then saw that was a red girl, sandalwood tree snow with the wind from the cloud to the campfire dance .

This is a girl with thick black hair, she was wearing a red circle moon Charon traditional stand-up collar lapel jacket with tight sleeves, waist circumference with a leopard skin gird made ​​live, layers of red pleated skirt with beats solo hd suede boots Yang a fall.

Her black hair is no beading, dancing with flying in the wind. Under fire Zhao Ying, her lithe body beat by dre image snowflakes, like fiery warm.

Her facial features Nong Li Yun monster beats studio Tan was like spring flowers, make bonfires have lost the light, so that the presence of all of the girls are dressed lost color beats solo hd.

Her vigorous dancing light, wavefront flow and stare, like a deer glow with the most primitive life breath. Accompanied by her wanton and warm dance, also came the clear crisp sound of Tintin, because she is still on the right foot with a string of silvery lines, being with her dance and percussion bursts of light.

She seems to have a magic, dance to go, where they burst into thunderous cheers, people can not help but dance with her, looking young is chasing this red flame, a moment will not move.

It’s like fire, like elves, bright beautiful, uninhibited freedom. She towards the moon and stars, toward the Arab-bearing mountain snow gods, jumping, dancing, studio beats full of tenderness also full force to disperse the winter chill.

Dancing room, red girl has stood before the bonfire. Her hands aloft, music screeching halt.

At this time, the previously silent that purple girl holding son’s hand toward the red girl. Two whispered a few words, purple girl smiled and took the crescent side of the piano from the hands of the tribe, in turn handed the silent son of a drum.

Girl in Red Can laugh, however, everyone has a moment of pause to breathe, she has “lovemaking” three times, shot rang palms.

“Tapping pound, tapping pound!” Flop until she stops, silent son sounded the drum quickly and beats by dr vigorously.

“Cha Cha Cha!” Then drum sound, purple girl ring crescent dial strings.

Along with the piano drums, Girl in dr dre headphones Red arms outstretched, toe point, the red dress rapidly rotating, until the piano stopped, she stopped rapidly rotating stature. Her bright eyes look to the crowd, suddenly Kai throat, graceful and song:

“A mountain how high interest rates?

Snow God does she live?

Snow lotus bloom where?

Smart warriors ah

Who can tell me? ”

“Tapping pound, tapping pound!” Until her voice pause, silent son and fast drum sounded.

“Cha Cha Cha!” Purple girl smiled and dialed again rang the strings.

Girl in Red eddies around the campfire circle, when she passed in front of Owen King Lun, his eyes like burning flames have been in this group for a moment, slightly narrowed.

Girl in Red dance back into place and re-sing:

“Hanako how deep the sea?

Poseidon where he lives?

Jin Lin Xiang longyou Where?

Wisdom Warriors ah

Who can tell me? ”

Singing gradually dispersed, before the bonfire, Girl in Red Tong red cheeks, her forehead was oozing sweat a little thin, chest with a V in the firelight. Thousands of people pour eyes are on her, the vast Cang original, only to hear “crackling” sound emitted when jumping flames.

Girl in Red eyes swept the crowd, with a sort of anticipation, a bit eager.

Everyone knows her singing Zexu, but she was too much to ask these questions nothingness, all the lads are deep in thought being present. For a long time in the past, no one can answer it, the color red girl face disappointment gradually Bay.

Purple girl went to her ear, whispered a few words, while King Lun Wang Yuwen side one.

Owen King Lun call bad heart, awaiting quietly back, red girl has hurried towards him came. Owen King Lun see everyone look yourself, simply hand the negative behind, calmly looking at the red girl.

Girl in Red came and Owen King Lun, looked up and down his glances. Owen King Lun stature tall, imposing, though dressed as businessmen, still conceal an distinguished style, red girl seems satisfied smile, singing again, the previous question sing out.

Owen King Lun smiling mouth, to be red girl Changba, he pretended to ponder the way, another burst, exposing the surface of the color of disappointment, gently shook his head.

Girl in Red disappointed, look at the Yuwen King Lun glance, turned and walked back to the campfire beat by dr dre.

Purple girl came forward, whispered a few words and then two, red girl turned around, she just raised his hands, the crowd commotion, rear hoofs and vaguely heard the sound of the wrist.

Girl in Red and purple girl looking pale, purple girl paste it into the ear silent son said something, and the girl turned red sandalwood tree direction and ran to the cloud, the crowd have to avoid, such as butterflies Pianfei two, disappeared a little while after the cloud sandalwood tree.

Looking at the two away, people saw it in the campfire, and hoofs are increasingly filled. Battalion horses rushing rapidly, avoiding the crowd scattered from the dash.

Airwolf Wei Yi suddenly cold and tense, the crowd quietly moved to Yuwen King Lun guard in the middle.

Ming Fei quietly guarding the stall over the Owen King Lun side with a very light voice said:. “Is Saros king cavalry.”dr dre beats

The cavalry rode straight to the campfire, led by people looking condescending silent son, loudly: “?! Ever seen a Girl in Red”

Mo son scowled Abba Shule although the government are protected, but after only civilian, these murderous king’s cavalry Saros, is indeed not afford to offend.

He and the singing purple girl Alyssa tokens of love at first sight. Although I do not know the origins of her red girl, but these cavalry menacing duo certainly be detrimental. He Zenken revealing the whereabouts of the two, he shook his head:. “Not seen”

Led officers seems some do not believe, then shouted: “?! You blind I have obviously not renowned for her to come here.”

Mo son pretended frightened, trembling words are:. “Really, really have not seen, do not believe you ask them.”

Officers led by pumping under the whip, Le turn horse, loudly: “? Anyone seen a very beautiful red girl say, there are numerous tours!”

Saros dominated the prairie king, fierce temperament, his men cavalry Rulangsihu month Rong ordinary people shunned. That Girl in Red, such as elves, fairy-like, passionate, fascinating fascinating. How can these people be willing to let the soldiers know her whereabouts Langhu, stand in front of thousands of people while shaking his head.

Led officers severely scolded a few sound hoofs sounded again, the wind galloping horse, a group of black feather fur cavalry moment before the bonfire will Lema. The head of a human face hidden in a black hooded towel after coldly: “find it yet?”

The officer whispered intrinsic said: “No, obviously subordinate to the side to come to see her.”

Masked men Nuheng soon, Le turn horse, and galloped off with his men. They also have to keep up with the cavalry.

Owen King Lun eyes flashing, to easily cold low voice: “You and Ming Fei, to keep up with them!”

Dr Dre beats studio

Although the two are acquaintances, but by the life and death of the catastrophe, and another guard, known for years have felt like, at the same time could not help but laugh.

Dawn, Jennifer Leslie bright smile, vertical is also not cover her sky snow Lai color, Yuwen King Lun could not help breathing slightly stifled.

Heavy snow, wind Jin Moon. Two all the way south, traveling slowly, Jennifer Leslie insufficient force, go for more than an hour, stopped backing between hand, gasping for air.

Owen King Lun was known to be able to find shelter from the wind and snow have firewood before dark place, or will be killed in two Yukino being. See Jennifer Leslie pale complexion, standing firm, his pace a cross in front of her squat.

“Hold steady up.” Yee Sili not react, Owen King Lun has her shoulder.

Jennifer Leslie breath and said: “If this continues, you will walk for.”

Owen King Lun does not speak, snow trip. Go more than ten years, he gradually slowed the pace, Jennifer Leslie struggled a little bit, you want to landing, Owen King Lun wrists hard, she could not move.

Jennifer Leslie Ningmu at his side, suddenly hold a bit, attached to his ear and whispered: “I ​​was a kid, Father – Abba like carrying me around, and then asked me to sing to him . ”

Owen King Lun gasp laughed: “What do you sing to listen to, but I’m not your Daddy older.”

Jennifer Leslie micro spit loudly, cheeks flushers, and after a moment, from the throat and singing beats solo hd, singing like spring in April, to disperse the wind and snow beats studio.

So stop and go in the song, and have yet to find a sheltered place where firewood at dusk, while the snow is still not stopped, the two have some anxiety beats solo.

Jennifer Leslie looked around, and said: “? I remember here is a grass curtain should be home to someone, how was gone.”

. “I’m afraid there is to see snow, moved somewhere else,” Owen King Lun gasp Road, then stop suddenly looking slightly changed, and listened for a while, said: “! You hear”

Jennifer Leslie listened, the waiter jumped off his shoulder, two extremely faint sounds that follow the bends to the west, out of several hundred, and finally saw a collapse in the snow under the carpet off monster beats.

Two ran, Owen King Lun poke snow boots pulled a dagger between the “hiss” to cut through the felt off, the baby’s crying sound increasingly clear.

A woman is being pinched off May Rong felt wooden, stiff, but just like her stature is strongly arched, what is significant is to protect the back. Owen King Lun squat force these women opened corpse, wrapped in a blanket with the baby is given a weak low cry, like dying cub. Think it is overwhelming felt off the snow, just in time to protect his mother’s children, then he lives life to death.

Jennifer Leslie “Oh” sound, rapid pick up the baby, Owen pulled Huozhe Zi Jing Lun, yet fire, see Jennifer Leslie frozen baby dying, desperate to unlock their clothes under the baby close to her chest.

Subject Wang Huo-sheng, Jennifer Leslie sit on the fire side, tightly cover the baby still in the chest, and urgent:. “Quick look to see if a goat.”

Owen King Lun identify felt dr dre detox overwhelmed in the snow in a can of the frozen accounts of Roquefort, stand in the fire, looked back and said: “Well, and so it —”

Jennifer Leslie arms, the baby feebly Zhang mouth, looking, sucking, and perhaps can not find the mother’s taste, cry more urgent.

Jennifer Leslie looked anxious and said: “Come on —” see Owen King Lun’s eyes stopped at his chest, her words meal, cheeks flushed, Yuwen King Lun “ah” sound, hurriedly turned away.

He has not yet being married Princess, Fuchu foregone several concubines, just above his heart flutter military affair, on Nannvzhishi very light, they are not unreasonable circumstances of the people. But at the moment, he suddenly nervous, deemed fugue sky, flashed in front of his chest that touch is monster beats studio always gorgeous Jennifer Leslie.

Jar of goat milk until steaming and boiling, he was awakened erect. Jennifer Leslie also raised his head, but still Tong red cheeks, words with Jiaochen: “so hot, how he drank?!”

Owen King Lun hurriedly put down the jar, buried in snow, and then from the felt tent to find a bowl of a spoon, pour the goat, kept blowing, and sip a sip lips, no longer feel hot, the spoon Jennifer Silka handed to the chest.

That did not sound the baby had cried, goat milk trickle from his mouth, his lips just slightly softly, long before drinking a tablespoon.

Subject to a few tablespoons of goat feed stop, baby breath gradually stabilized, Jennifer Leslie relieved, looked smiles: “! Snow god bless’ fleet Owen King Lun sweating, seven-foot man holding a small spoon, trembling, guard, is very funny, are not laughing.

She laughed stature jitter, then drop tablespoons of goat milk in infant face, crying baby discomfort, Owen King Lun busy with his left hand to wipe, Jennifer Leslie just one move, he touched his hand to her chest.

Owen King Lun rapid recovery of his left hand, “Deng Deng” a few steps back. Jennifer Leslie first “ah” sound, instead see Yuwen King Lun a helpless look, could not help but laugh Minzui, the baby’s arms to a delivery Owen King Lun: “You hold, I come to feed.”

Owen King Lun confused and took the baby dr dre headphones, Jennifer Leslie quickly cover a good skirt, took the spoon, scoop the goat slowly feed the baby drink a few spoons, close my eyes.

Jennifer Leslie King Lun from Owen picked up the baby’s arms, humming softly, baby fell asleep after a while, the joy of her heart, looked up to Owen King Lun smile.

Fire lit her lips mouthwatering, glamorous eye-catching. Owen King Lun forced himself turned around from time to time, but nice for a while, he turned, looked at Jennifer Leslie, look her arms baby.

Jennifer Leslie pat a baby, looked up at the sky, and said: “Tonight will break in here, sheltered here, there Kuchai.”

Owen King Lun baked the horse, and from felt tent to find a sac of wine, just give the bag to be drinking, Jennifer Leslie grabbed his head and took a sip, and throw it back to him.

He took the hand probe, see Jennifer Leslie did not taboo, but also his head and drink. Two eating mutton, drinking spirits, Jennifer Leslie arms patting the baby from time to time, the occasional chuckle, such as prairie Camel.

“Jennifer Leslie.” Wine to drink several rounds, he finally conjured her name.

“Yuan -. Quiet,” she with him, looking, Mouzhong two groups seem to have a small fire in the jump.

He asked: “Why do you want to hunt you Saros king?”

Jennifer Leslie slightly stunned, looked down, then looked up hearty smile:. “I stole his baby, he naturally grasp me back, well located Baby”

“You are rustlers?” Think before her gesture, Yuwen King Lun smiled.

Jennifer Leslie convulsed with laughter: “Yes, I was part rustlers we Shuo Shuo wind wind department, even Saros is not afraid of the king..”

Owen King Lun know Jung-seok wind department is eight months in one of the most good riding, but also more rustlers, see Jennifer Leslie smile no arrests, blurted out: “I ​​wonder if you master the wind portion of rustlers, is not all of them have there you so beautiful? ”

Jennifer Leslie laughter ceased, and he quietly, looking.

Fire spread “crackling” sound, she suddenly smiled: “? United States I do”

“America.” Owen King Su Wei Lun’s always been I do not know why at the moment as the boy himself innocent.

“What I like best?” She stared at him.

Owen King Lun lips parted, yet a statement, the distant darkness, came the shrill howl.

Night in the snow against the wind howls, the long first cry, and then are dozens of sound, and then later, the vast Yukino, only this shrill howls echoed constantly.

Youyuanerjin quiet green spot, then got up and Yuwen King 伦霍, Jennifer Leslie also eyebrows Ning Han: “! Wolves.”

Quiet green eyes hordes approaching, Owen King Lun surrounded come see just as much as much as three dozen, pour a breath, waving daggers anxious, felt cut off the poles in the fire on the aircraft, fire Sheng, wolves slightly backwards.

This is a group of gray-brown wolf, wolf, especially tall, erect ears forward its tail straight horizontal, secluded green eyes staring at the two sides of the fire, the fire seems only to be darker, they should pounced, will tear the prey.

Owen King Lun Qi Si Lila will have to close some of the fire, and guard in front of her, can wolves gradually spread out, the two men and the fire surrounded.

Owen King Lun sharp eyes, staring headed beat by dr dre wolf, bitterly: “! Unfortunately, no bows and arrows.”

Wolf also glued two sides of the fire, seeing it slowly raise the body down, Owen King Lun also brings peace, blade horizontal chest, ready to fight against this vicious wolf king no less than Snow Leopard.

Slightly dim firelight, the number of wolf throat whining sound, gradually approaching wolves.

Jennifer Leslie eyes glimpsed feet wineskins, quickly leaned over, the wine residue of wine capsule backward fire, flames soared, wolves frightened, back toward him.

Owen King Lun take this effort, the fire went, adding the firewood, but did not want wolves, wolf howling sound number, then slowly around over. Jennifer Leslie arms baby cry wolf was awakened, he kept crying.

Stalemate for a while, Owen King Lun look around, scowled and said:. “This is not the way to go, not enough firewood, that led me to cut the job you guys stay in this place, be careful.”

Jennifer Leslie nodded: “Good.”

And said: “Be careful, this is dr dre beats A-bearing mountain wolf, very vicious.”

Owen King Lun arrogance blooming, Ron laughed: “?! I’m afraid if a wolf, why the face of the whole world in the future.”

Jennifer Leslie slightly upward, the fire would have to have his side of the reflecting layer of golden light, her mind a move, he has Bashen sky, lightning and headed towards the wolf.

Carnage scattered, howling sound shrill.

Owen King Lun single hand edge, a few ups and downs, beheaded three wolf, wolf Quehu can not see.